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Diffraction - AC4040BSIThe classic KAF-16803 CCD was the leading camera in SBIG cameras for many years. However, since ON Semiconductor discontinued it in 2019, the latest sensors in Gpixel’s GSENSE4040 family have improved it.

Combined with years of SBIG camera manufacturing experience, the SBIG AC4040 series has surpassed the SBIG STX-16803 in many ways.

For example, compared to the STX-16803 and 16801, the AC4040FSI and AC4040BSI have the same pixel size and 4K x 4K pixel arrays.

The SBIG AC4040 cameras have a shorter back focus, allowing more equipment such as a focal reducer, rotator, additional filter wheel, off-axis guider, or adaptive optics unit.

The new cameras use the same bolt-hole pattern as their predecessor for easy compatibility with 3-inch focuser draw tubes. The FW5-STX, FW7-STX, single or dual stacked AFW-10-50 filter wheels; the Star Chaser SC-3 off-axis guider; and the AO-X tip/tilt adaptive optics units are all compatible.

Let’s review the differences:

To summarize, the SBIG AC4040 series is a superior camera in many ways while maintaining enough similarity to the camera that you are currently familiar with; this allows you to seamlessly transition to the SBIG AC4040 without too much of a learning curve..