Our high performance cooled low-light cameras are used in a wide variety of medical instrumentation and laboratory equipment.

Off-The-Shelf Cameras

Popular off-the-shelf OEM cameras include the SBIG STC-428 and SBIG Aluma 694 cameras. These models provide high performance and reliability in a cost-effective package. 

STC-428 – Cooled 7 megapixel Scientific CMOS Camera

Off-the-shelf cameras can be optionally modified for the specific application.  Typical modifications include special windows and sensors for extended spectral range, mechanical modifications such as custom mounting, optional cooling enhancements, package color / branding, etc.

Full Custom Designs

We can also provide full-custom designs intended to meet specific objectives for performance, sensor selection, mechanical footprint, power consumption, thermal constraints, and cost.


Custom ICX419 based OEM camera with -50C cooling

Engineering Support

To help you get to production as quickly and smoothly as possible, our team of engineers and programmers will assist you with all aspects of your project including mechanical, electronic, and software integration tasks.

Our software drivers are compatible with Windows, Linux, and OS-X.  Labview support is available.

For custom cameras, we have full in-house engineering capabilities including electronic, mechanical, FPGA firmware, embedded software, driver, and application software design.  Our electrical, mechanical, and thermal simulation capabilities help ensure that all design objectives are met.

Quality and Compliance

Our OEM cameras are compliant with CE, FCC, and IC requirements.  RoHS, REACH, and conflict mineral compliance documentation is available.

We operate to ISO9001:2015 quality standards, and we are working towards certification readiness.

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