50 mm Round Optical Filters

50 mm Round Optical Filters

$104.00 USD$1,595.00 USD

SBIG 50 mm round optical filters are compatible with AFW-12-50R and FW8S-STXL filter wheels.  These filters are built for SBIG to our exacting specifications.  All filters are parfocal, which avoids unnecessary refocusing. They are typically 3mm thick, and 50.8mm in diameter.


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Product Description

Filters and filter sets available include:

  • Luminance (L)
  • Red (R)
  • Green (G)
  • Blue (B)
  • Clear (C)
  • Hydrogen Alpha (Ha) – 656.3 nm, bandwidth 6.5 nm
  • Sulphur II (SII) – 672.4 nm, bandwidth 6.5 nm
  • Oxygen III (OIII)  – 500.7 nm, bandwidth 6.5 nm
  • LRGB Color Imaging Package (four filters)
  • Narrowband Package – Ha, SII, OIII (three filters)
  • Deep Sky Package – L, R, G, B, Ha, SII, OIII (seven filters)

Clear passes all wavelengths but is parfocal with the other filters.

Spectral response for LRGB filters

All filters are 3 mm thick, and 50.8mm in diameter.


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