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  • Adapter Plate, T-thread

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    M42x0.75 T-thread adapter plate

Product Description

M42x0.75 Adapter plate for FW8G-Aluma, FW8S-Aluma, FW8G-STT, FW8S-STT, and OAG-8300.

Connect your SBIG filter wheel or off-axis guider to your telescope focuser’s draw tube or focal reducer/field flattener with this M42x0.75 adapter plate. This adapter plate has an inside thread that is compatible with many telescope adapters with a T-thread. This is also known as a T-2 or more correctly M42x0.75 thread.

It is designed for the FW8S-Aluma, FW8S-STT filter wheels, the StarChaser SC-2, and the OAG-8300 off-axis guider.

This plate may possibly vignette when off-axis guiding with FW8G-STT or FW8G-Aluma self-guiding filter wheels or OAG-8300 off axis guider. You may wish to consider one of the other adapter sizes listed below.

This is commonly used to connect from focuser draw tubes, eyepiece projection devices, some focal reducers and adapter tubes that have the metric M42x0.75 male thread.  This size was common to many 35mm film cameras, as well as some digital cameras.

We also offer M48-thread, SCT-thread, and STL-thread adapter plates to fit other telescope focusers, reducers, and field flatteners.