AO-8 Conversion Plates

AO-8 Conversion Plates

$169.00 USD

Conversion plates can be used to adapt AO-8 / AO-8T / AO-8A adaptive optics units to different camera models.

AO-8 is the original version compatible with ST-7 series cameras.

AO-8T is compatible with STT series cameras, and requires a FW8G-STT self-guided filter wheel or a Remote Guide Head.

AO-8A is compatible with:

  • Older blue-colored Aluma cameras with FW8G-Aluma filter wheels.
  • STC-7 and STC-428-P cameras equipped with SBIG StarChaser SC-2 Off Axis Guider Camera.
  • Certain older cameras equipped with StarChaser SC-2 – contact us for information on compatibility with your camera.

Please note that StarChaser and STC cameras use a mini-DIN connector; other models use a DB-9 connector.  An adapter cable is available to allow an AO-8A to be operated by STT and ST camera models.