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  • CFW-402 RGBC

    SKU: CFW-402-RGB


    Internal carousel with RGBC filters for the STF-402M camera

Product Description

This is the internal filter wheel for the SBIG STF-402M only. It contains very high quality interference filters custom made for this camera. Note that the filters are permanently attached to the filter carousel and cannot be changed.


An internal filter wheel with custom RGB+C color filters is available as an option for color imaging with the STF-402M.  The filters are designed specifically to yield a proper balance of both OIII and H-alpha emission line intensity from planetary nebula while at the same time giving an accurate while balance from continuum light from solar type stars in the same field.

The Mars image below shows a violet haze over the north pole (south is up) and a diffuse yellow dust storm in the southern hemisphere.  The image was taken by Ed Grafton of Houston, Texas using an C14 telescope.