CSbG EcoLight

CSbG EcoLight

$375.00 USD

The CSbG EcoLight is a low-impact alternative for applications where the priority is the protection of the environment and human health.  It has unique advantages including:

  • Minimizes light trespass and glare
  • Helps preserve your natural night vision
  • Better visibility with uniform illumination and no glare
  • Low power usage
  • Comfortable, non-intrusive lighting
  • Minimize attraction of mosquitoes
  • Reduces disruption of our circadian rhythm

The EcoLight’s amber (no blue) illumination helps preserve night vision, and prevents disruption of your circadian rhythm.  The light is shielded to prevent glare and light trespass, putting light only where it is needed.  It has a very uniform illumination with no “hot spots”, and provides a very low energy use for the size of the illuminated area.

Compare this to typical white “security” lighting, which undermines our natural night vision, disrupts the biology of plants and animals, and exacerbates the impact of glare and light trespass.  Improper shielding results in glare for pedestrians, and sprays light where it is not needed. Bright spots in the illumination ruins your night vision, limits visibility to the center of the beam, and provides a small area of effective illumination.

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