Remote Guide Head

Remote Guide Head

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Remote Guide Head for STT, STXL and STX Series Cameras

You can add a second head to your STT, STXL or STX camera and guide using a separate guide scope, camera lens or OAG. The Remote Guide Head (RGH) contains a KAI-0340 monochrome CCD sensor, which is operated by electronics built into the main camera. The RGH plugs into the Remote Guide Head Port on the camera body and receives its power and signals from the camera. The RGH can only be used when connected to the RGH port on an Aluma CCD, STT, STX, or STXL camera. The RGH can control an Adaptive Optics accessory in conjunction with an STX, STXL. or STT camera.

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Early models STX cameras used a different connector and different remote guide head. We no longer make the early version of remote guide head for these older models.

The old style (unsupported) is shown at left; the new HDMI style connector is shown at right.  Only the HDMI style is now supported.



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