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    STX 16801 is a windowless version of the camera shownSBIG-ALUMA-8300-7_1024x1024p1011099as1
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    Transplant your CCD sensor from an old camera into a brand-new and fully supported SBIG model.

Product Description

Do you have a perfectly good CCD sensor, but it is trapped in an outdated, broken, poorly performing, or no-longer-supported camera?  The CCD sensor is by far the most expensive component in any camera, and it would be a waste to simply throw it out.

To solve this problem, we offer “Eyeball Transplants.”  Send us your old camera – any brand – and we will extract the sensor and build it into a brand-new SBIG camera.

We can transplant a wide variety of sensors, including:

  • E2V CCD47-10 into Aluma CCD
  • E2V CCD77-00 into Aluma CCD
  • KAF-16801 into STX
  • KAF-16803 into STX
  • KAF-09000 into STX
  • KAF-16200 into STXL
  • KAI-11002 into STXL
  • KAF-6303 into STXL
  • KAF-8300 into STF or Aluma
  • KAF-3200 into STF or Aluma
  • KAF-1603 into STF
  • KAI-08050 into STF
  • KAI-04070 into STF

How does it work? 

  1. Contact us for a quotation.  Provide full details of your current camera.
  2. Get an RMA number and send in your camera.
  3. We inspect the camera.  If the sensor appears physically undamaged, we extract it from the camera.
  4. We build you a new camera and fully test it.  If it works correctly, you pay us and we ship you your brand-new camera.
  5. We provide the standard two-year warranty for the camera itself.  There is no warranty on the sensor that you supplied.

We calculate the pricing by simply subtracting our new sensor cost from the list price of the camera.  That’s right – there’s no extra charge above and beyond what it would cost us to build you a new camera from scratch.

Are there any risks? 


The risk is that your sensor doesn’t work.  We do not accept any responsibility for your sensor.

You accept that there is a small risk of damaging the sensor extracting it from the old camera.  The transplant is entirely at your risk.

We’re very careful and experienced at handling these sensors.  We will do everything we can to minimize the risk.  To date we’ve always been successful. We will reject sensors that are corroded due to moisture accumulation in the chamber or have obvious signs of tampering.

If the sensor does not work, then we don’t charge you anything.  If you want your old, dead camera back you will have to pay for shipping, or we can dispose of it for you.

If new sensors of that type are still available from the manufacturer, then you do have the option of purchasing a new one and getting an entirely new camera at the regular list price.  You have no obligation to do so.

Contact us for more information.