StarChaser SC-2 / AO-8A Bundle


StarChaser SC-2 / AO-8A Bundle

$2,398.00 USD

Add AO control to any compact SBIG camera!

Includes StarChaser SC-2 Off-Axis Guide Camera and AO-8A Adaptive Optics unit.

Save with this combination package!


SBIG AO-8A Adaptive Optics

Adaptive Optics unit for Aluma CCD and STC cameras.  Requires a StarChaser SC-2 (or an older self-guiding system).

AO-8A is the standard model for use with Aluma CCD, STC, and STF series cameras.

AO-8T supports the discontinued STT cameras.  These are built to order.

AO-8 supports the discontinued ST-7 series cameras.  These are built to order.


Aluma CCD / STF series

SBIG StarChaser Off-Axis Guider Cameras

The SBIG StarChaser is the world's first all-in-one off-axis guider with built-in camera and integrated AO support.  Comes complete with MaxIm LT software.

New!  All StarChasers now include Enhanced sensors with improved Infrared sensitivity.

Several versions are available to fit our various SBIG camera models.  Please read the Description below to make sure you choose the correct option.

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Additional Information

SBIG AO-8A Adaptive Optics

OS Compatibility

Windows 32 and 64 bit OS, Mac

Computer Interface


SBIG StarChaser Off-Axis Guider Cameras

Temperature Regulation


OS Compatibility

Windows 7, 8, 10 x86/x64, MacOS 10.14 "Mojave" x86 binaries, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS x64, Raspbian Buster armhf, Ubuntu MATE arm64

Computer Interface

USB 2.0 Mini

Full Frame Download

0.2 sec

Adaptive Optics Option

Works with AO-X (cable required)

Pixel Digitization Rate

72 megapixels / second

A/D Converter

10 bits


0.9 lb / 400 g

Read Noise (typ)

5 e- typical


12V, 300 mA


13.5 ns to 59.26 s

Pixel Size

4.8 μm

Total Pixels

1,310,720 pixels

Sensor Size

6.18 mm x 4.95 mm


Electronic Global Shutter plus Mechanical Dark Frame Shutter

Imaging Sensor

Astronomical CMOS 1.3 Megapixel

Filter Wheel Option

Attaches to FW7-STX and FW8S-STXL filter wheels

Dark Current e-/p/s

5 e-/p/s typical at 20C

Imaging / Pixel Array

1280 x 1024 pixels

Full Well Capacity

10,000 e-


Adds 0.87" (22.1 mm)