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    Available for “Eyeball Transplant” only.  Sensors Obsolete.


Product Description

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The SBIG STF-1603W is a compact, economical, high QE camera with a scientific grade full frame CCD.  The small size and light-weight of these cameras make them very easy to handle and set up.  These cameras have a photometric quality, even-illumination shutter for automatic dark frames.  The low noise and extraordinary QE of these sensors make these cameras some of the most sensitive CCD cameras available at any price. The KAF-1603ME CCD sensor, with a peak QE of nearly 80%, and 9 micron pixels makes this camera perfect for photometric, industrial, and life sciences applications.

The improved “W” version supports an external filter wheel and includes a user-rechargeable desiccant plug.

Due to the size of the sensor, either 36 mm or 1.25″ screw-in filters can be used in the filter wheel.  Please note that filter inserts are required to adapt 1.25″ filters to the wheel.

StarChaser SC-2 and Adaptive Optics

The SBIG StarChaser SC-2 brings Adaptive Optics capability to the STF series for the first time!  The SC-2 attaches to the front of the STF camera via an FW8-8300 or Filter Wheel Spacer, providing self-guiding capability.  An AO-8A can also be attached to the front of the SC-2, and connected directly to it via the I2C interface cable. The StarChaser SC-2 will then control the Adaptive Optics unit directly, providing tighter star images than possible through conventional autoguiding.

New Software Included!

Starting October 1, 2019 all new SBIG STF series cameras now include a license for our renowned MaxIm LT software, a $200 value, at no extra cost.  Owners of older STF cameras can purchase a license at a discounted price of $99.

Additional Information

A/D Converter

16 bits

Adaptive Optics Option

AO-8A with StarChaser SC-2



Sensor Size

13.8 mm x 9.2 mm

Computer Interface


Cooling Delta

30 °C

Dark Current e/p/s at 0 C

0.6 e-/p/s typical


0.09-3600 sec

Filter Wheel Option


Full Well Capacity

100,000 e-

Imaging Sensor


Imaging / Pixel Array

1536 px x 1024 px

OAG Option

StarChaser SC-2

OS Compatibility

Windows 7, 8, 10 x86/x64, MacOS 10.14 “Mojave” x86 binaries, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS x64, Ubuntu Mate arm64

Peak QE


Pixel Digitization Rate

5 MPix/sec

Pixel Size

9 μm


12 VDC

Power Cable

US, European

Read Noise

18 e- typical

Self-Guiding In Front of Filters

Yes with StarChaser SC-2



Temperature Regulation


Total Pixels

1.6 million pixels


1.7 lbs


User Manual

Installation, and operation instructions for all STF series cameras.


STF-402/1603/3200 Backfocus

Technical drawing showing backfocus on STF-402/1603/3200.


Backfocus Table

Backfocus configuration table




The SBIG Universal Driver is distributed via SBIG Driver Checker 64 on Windows, and via an installer on Mac OSX. Keeping your drivers up to date is the best way to ensure your camera runs smoothly, so remember to update your drivers regularly.

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CCDOPS is a free program that operates USB based SBIG cameras.

Download (Win) Download (OSX)

Software Development Kit

Software development kit for the Windows platform.

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