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  • STXL 2-inch Nose Plate

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    Connect STXL to 2-inch focuser

Product Description

This is a 2-inch nose adapter plate for STXL cameras.

This is a black-anodized, single piece of high quality aluminum, designed as an alternative to the 10018 standard dovetail adapter included with the camera.

It allows the STXL-6303, -16200, and -11002 camera and accessories to be inserted into a standard 2-inch draw tube.

Note that it may cause some vignetting with fast optical systems with the large 35mm full frame STXL-11002.

Now you can easily attach your camera to a refractor or Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope that may be limited to supporting a 2-inch nosepiece.  This is common for most SCTs that are 12-inches and under, as well as most refractors under 150mm.

It is recommended that you have a high-quality focuser on the telescope, due to the weight of these series cameras.

Thanks to several customers for suggesting this adapter.

(The product image is a 3D CAD drawing. The actual product is black).