We’re selling off old and excess stock at incredible discount prices!  Garage sale items include:

  • Obsolete Hardware
  • Astrodon Filters
  • Custom Scientific Filters
  • Baader Filters

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Surplus Hardware

Astrodon MOAG

Astrodon Filters

50 mm square Sloan G, Astrodon

Custom Scientific Filters

50 mm round Clear, Custom Scientific

50 mm round H-alpha, Custom Scientific

1.25″ Blue filter, Custom Scientific

1.25″ Green filter, Custom Scientific

1.25″ Red filter, Custom Scientific

1.25″ Clear filter

Baader Filters

50 mm round H-alpha, Baader

50 mm round H-beta 8.5 nm, Baader

50mm square H-Beta filter

65mm square Clear IR Cut Filter

65mm Square UV-IR Cut Filter

65mm Square LRGB Set

65mm Set of 3 NB filters