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CCD versus CMOS: Which is Better?

by Doug George. We’re often asked whether CMOS or CCD sensors are better.  The simple answer is, “it depends.” Both types of sensors detect light the exact same way.  An...

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Dragonfly 44 Discovery

The Dragonfly Array consists of two telescope mounts, each carrying 24 ultra high contrast lenses. These off-the-shelf Canon lenses use new nano-fabricated coatings with sub-wavelength structure on the optical glass,...

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How to Choose a CCD Camera

by Michael Barber Guidelines for selecting the best camera for your telescope and observing conditions: This section outlines some of the basic issues one should consider when making a camera selection:  Cost, size, field...

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Diffraction Limited and SBIG are pioneers in the field of CCD imaging hardware and software.

The company’s goal is to provide the best scientific imaging hardware and software available today for a broad range of applications.

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