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YDiffraction - AC4040BSIou expect quality when you go to the cinema. And likewise, as an astronomer*, you have similarly high expectations for quality regarding your camera.

We’ve created a list to explore the top 10 reasons why our SBIG ALUMA AC4040 has rapidly risen and become the most popular camera when the stars are above and not from Hollywood.

#1 Quality Guarantee
We build them for you in our North American facility using top-quality (flame resistant) circuit boards and industrial-grade electronics designed for temperature extremes under the ISO9001-2015 accredited quality management system. So even the critics give us “two thumbs up.”

The camera body and filter wheels are carved robotically from solid blocks of aluminum and precisely assembled by hand using optical measuring devices.

#2 Proven Expertise, Backed by Years of Experience
We have been in the industry for over a quarter century, building and delivering the best commercial off-the-shelf software and hardware detectors for astronomers worldwide.

We don’t make movie cameras; we focus on our audience – science-oriented people like you.

#3 Large Surface Area
The SBIG ALUMA AC4040 is more significant than a 35mm film frame, captures more light, and makes the most of your telescope’s corrected field at the focal plane. The difference between the big screen theater and a small television in your living room.

#4 Huge pixels
The SBIG ALUMA AC4040 has an impressive 9µm – almost 3x the size of other detectors. Perfect for scopes over 2500mm focal length. Great depth and perfect sizing to prevent under sampling/oversampling. Think of it as getting the jumbo popcorn box, where your photons don’t get spilled on the floor.

#5 Sensitivity
The SBIG ALUMA AC4040 outperforms alternatives with 75% peak quantum efficiency for the Front-side illuminated version across a broad range of the visible spectrum. What about extreme QE? 94% back-side illuminated. That’s nearly single-photon perfection at a modest price premium.

#6 Fast downloads
Sub-second for a full frame. Plenty fast for still-image astronomy. You’re not shooting movies here; you’re aiming for the stars.

#7 No surprising twist at the end
You have complete access to all pixel data – no data-compromising mystery calibrations or secret software drivers using your data. Your SBIG ALUMA AC4040 data has everything, including both high and low gain image data and over-scan pixels when you want it. That’s like sticking around to see the credits roll, with the bonus out-takes.

#8 Linearity
The SBIG ALUMA AC4040 is more linear and predictable than the plot of a romantic comedy. We wouldn’t call it “research grade” equipment if it weren’t.

Unlike inexpensive cameras with do-it-yourself gain, offset adjustments, and no factory calibration, the SBIG ALUMA AC4040 family is linear – right up to the saturation.

#9 Better than CCD?
In-camera stacking for 16-bit or 12-bit high and low-gain images means you can produce quality images more quickly without sacrificing a lot. Indeed, there are fewer noise and image problems than on a Hollywood red carpet.

#10 Protection
Detectors are a long-term investment for many people. Diffraction’s products are built to last, engineered with a 10-year design life, not a 2-month run before going straight to video. Worry-free after-sales support, service, and repairs, and at Diffraction Limited, all our cameras, like the SBIG ALUMA AC4040, include a TWO-YEAR warranty.

*Astronomer = whether you are a Professional Astronomer (paid to do research) or an (unpaid aka amateur) observer with a passion for astronomy, we think you’ll appreciate what this camera can do for you.