1.25″ Round Mounted Optical Filters

1.25″ Round Mounted Optical Filters

$55.00 USD$360.00 USD

SBIG 1.25″ round optical filters are compatible with FW8-8300 and FW8S-Aluma filter wheels when using Filter Insert 36mm to 1.25.  1.25″ filters are only recommended for smaller sensors and/or higher f/ratio instruments, as they may otherwise vignette the image.  These filters are built for SBIG to our exacting specifications.  All filters are parfocal, which avoids unnecessary refocusing.



Product Description

Filters and filter sets available include:

  • Luminance (L)
  • Red (R)
  • Green (G)
  • Blue (B)
  • Clear (C)
  • Hydrogen Alpha (Ha) – 656.3 nm, bandwidth 7 nm
  • LRGB Color Imaging Package (four filters)

Clear passes all wavelengths but is parfocal with the other filters.

Spectra response for LRGB filters


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