• 40-12052-00
  • Adapter Plate, 2″ x 24 thread

    SKU: 40-12052-00


Product Description

Adapter plate for FW8G-Aluma, FW8S-Aluma, FW8G-STT, FW8S-STT, and OAG-8300.

Connect your SBIG filter wheel or off-axis guider to your Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope’s draw tube or focal reducer/field flattener with this 2″x24 adapter plate.

This plate provides a 2.0 inch x 24 inside thread compatible with many 8″ through 11″ Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes (SCT).

It is designed for the FW8S-Aluma, FW8S-STT filter wheels, the StarChaser SC-2, and the OAG-8300 off-axis guider.

This plate is suitable for off-axis guiding with FW8G-STT or FW8G-Aluma filter wheels.  The larger diameter aperture reduces vignetting of the guide camera.

We also offer T-thread, M48-thread, and STL-thread adapter plates to fit other telescope focusers, reducers, and field flatteners.