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    Cyanogen Imaging® MaxIm DLTM is the complete integrated solution for all of your astronomical imaging needs. Whether you are collecting and analyzing science data, or making beautiful portraits of the night sky, MaxIm DL Pro includes everything you need.

    Product levels:

    • MaxIm LT – $199 – supports SBIG cameras/accessories, webcams, and essential processing only
    • MaxIm DL IP – $299 – image processing only
    • MaxIm DL Pro – $499 – includes all features and support for all equipment
    • MaxIm DL Pro Suite – $599 – all Pro features plus MaxPoint software, a $50 savings

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Product Description

Cyanogen Imaging® MaxIm DLTM includes an extensive suite of image acquisition, processing, and analysis tools. Starting with complete observatory integration, MaxIm DL takes you from gathering raw data through to the final high-quality result with the minimum of effort.

A typical imaging sequence will include hours of autoguided images with dither, automatic filter changes, and pier flipping – all the while slewing your dome and monitoring the weather.  Every image is tagged with extensive data in its FITS header. When your weather sensor reports unsafe conditions MaxIm DL will automatically shut down your equipment, park the telescope, and safe the dome.

Once your images are collected, MaxIm DL can automatically assemble your calibration images into groups, select the correct groups for each individual image, calibrate, and stack your images.  You can process hundreds of images from different targets with just a few mouse clicks.

MaxIm DL also includes advanced photometry and astrometry capabilities.  Photometric measurements are made using best practice median-mean and partial-pixel algorithms vetted by professional astronomers.  Astrometric measurements are performed using PinPoint LE, widely recognized as the most powerful and accurate package available today.

Product Levels

See the Compare tab above for more information.

  • MaxIm LT – Operates SBIG cameras and accessories and webcams only.  Include essential image processing functions.
  • MaxIm DL IP – Full image processing and analysis functionality.  No instrumentation control.
  • MaxIm DL Pro – Controls all supported equipment.  All image processing functions.  Full scripting control.
  • MaxIm DL Pro Suite – Save $50!  Bundle combining MaxIm DL Pro and MaxPoint software.

Key Features (MaxIm DL Pro level)

MaxIm DL runs under Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.  Please see System Requirements for more information.

Please see Compare tab above for the feature list for each product level.  Additional details are available here.

  • Complete observatory integration. Controls all of your astronomical equipment.
  • Integrates your camera, autoguider, filter wheels, focusers, camera rotator, telescope mount, observatory webcam, remote switches, weather station, and dome.
  • Fully ASCOM compliant.
  • Built-in mini-planetarium helps you maintain “situational awareness”.
  • Designed for efficiency. Create your own presets for finding, centering, focusing, and imaging sequences.
  • Multithreaded hardware interfaces for smooth and responsive operation.
  • Automated shutdown with user-definable triggers (including weather) and sequencing.
  • PinPoint V6 with online all-sky solving – easily recover if your telescope gets lost.
  • Automatic pier flipping with guide star reaquisition.
  • Multistar and differential autoguiding.
  • Monitor and control your observatory with dome webcam, remote switches, and weather monitoring.
  • Stack hundreds of images of different targets in one operation – with automatic alignment and bad data rejection.
  • Blend in narrowband data to create fully realistic images or false color representations of your data.
  • Includes a complete image processing toolkit, including a large variety of filters, deblooming, curves, deconvolution, color tools, and much more.
  • Analyze multispectral photometry data for huge numbers of images including multiple targets; export light curves and AAVSO reports.
  • Instant Raw image color preview – see Raw images in full color without Bayer conversion.


  • Complete integration of all your observatory hardware in a single package.
  • Supports your equipment – compatible with more equipment than any competing package. Supports ASCOM equipment plus a huge variety of cameras and filter wheels.
  • Multi-threaded equipment control for smoother operation.
  • Instant presets for quick changing between find, focus, complex imaging sequences, etc.
  • Save and load all program settings – instantly reconfigure for different hardware setups.
  • Built-in mini-planetarium provides full “situational awareness” with advanced features such as instant image overlays, FOV indicator with rotator control, extensive catalog search capabilities, and much more.
  • Instantly recover from a “lost” telescope with PinPoint V6 online all-sky blind solving.
  • Monitor and control your observatory with ASCOM switch controls, observatory webcam, and integrated weather sensors.
  • Automatically execute a script for each image to optimize preview or process on the fly.
  • Advanced imaging techniques such as dither, automatic per-filter focus offsets, AO control, graphical track logs, audible alarms.
  • Highly flexible sequence capability including up to 32 filter/exposure slots and auto-mosaic.
  • Improved autoguider support with enhanced reliability and new guiding modes.
  • AO and TDI (drift scanning) support.
  • Bookmark locations on sky – perfect for session planning and marking unexpected discoveries.
  • Automated pier flipping.
  • Automated observatory shutdown sequences, including multiple triggers and user-defined sequence.
  • Full ASCOM compatibility.
  • Compatible with DC-3 Dreams’ ACP browser-based automation tool.


  • Intelligent Calibration™ automatically selects the best bias, dark, and flat-field frames for each individual image. Calibrate both your main camera and autoguider without changing settings.
  • Powerful image stacking tool automatically identifies and groups image by target object and filter, automatically rejects poor quality images, and includes multiple automatic and manual alignment modes. Automatically stack and LRGB combine multiple images at once!
  • Narrowband image blending tool takes your stacked and aligned image sets and merges them with intesity and wavelenth controls. Use realistic or exaggerated wavelength values for optimum discrimination of object features.
  • Includes a host of image enhancement filters including:
    • Kernel Filters including sharpen, smooth, Guassian blur, median, dilation, erosion, custom.
    • FFT filters
    • Unsharp Mask
    • Wavelet filters
    • Digital Development Processing
    • Rank filter
    • Local Adaptive filter
    • Rotational Gradient filter
    • Deconvolution filters
    • Background and Gradient Removal
  • Easy-to-use Batch processing and advanced scripting capability.
  • Color tools include stacking, balance, saturation adjustment, pseudo color, color filter, remove background, realign planes.
  • FFT analysis.
  • Generate, save, and reuse background flattening profiles for multiple images and targets.
  • Complete photometry and astrometry capabilties. New photometry capaibilities include unlimited image sets, multispectral analysis, and enhanced target recognition and image quality assessment.
  • Other functions include:
    • Align
    • Stack
    • Remove Bad Pixels
    • Add Noise
    • Remove Bloom
    • Remove Pedestal
    • Resize
    • Histogram Specification
    • Curves
    • Levels
    • Threshold
    • Pixel Math
    • Mosaic
    • Rotation
    • Clone, Edit, and Annotation tools
  • Preserves the dynamic range of your image with high bit depth floating point processing for both monochrome and color images.

Product Delivery

MaxIm DL is delivered via internet download.  Registered users can optionally purchase a USB stick; please contact Diffraction Limited for more information.

Software Returns Policy

All software sales are final.

A free demo period of the MaxIm DL Pro level software, with full technical support is available to determine suitability of the software prior to sale.

Please be aware of the differences in product level before choosing your level for purchase.  Lower software levels do not include all features and all equipment control capabilities; however, it may be possible to upgrade at extra cost.

No refunds are available for software products.  See the Compare tab above and here for more detailed information.


Diffraction Limited has been certified by BSI to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management under certificate number FM 719560.

For additional details on product levels, please see the User Manual.

Green = Included
Red = Not Included

Feature MaxIm LT (SBIG Only) MaxIm DL IP MaxIm DL Pro MaxIm DL Pro Suite
Includes MaxPoint
Com/ActiveX Scripting
Supports FocusMax, ACP, etc.
Built-in Planetarium
Instrument Control
SBIG Camera & Accessory Control SBIG only
Camera Control (Third-Party, ASCOM, etc.)
DSLR Control (Canon & Nikon)
Webcam Control
Filter Wheel Control SBIG only
Autoguider Control SBIG & Webcam
AO Control SBIG only
Dome Control
Focuser Control
Telescope Control
Observatory Webcam Display
Davis Weather Station Integration
Boltwood Cloud Sensor Integration
Multiple Exposure Presets
Autosave Sequences
Visual Focus Tools
Scheduled Exposures (eclipse)
Capture Mosaic
Tracking Error Graph
Tracking Log
Tracking Alarms
Move (via autoguider pulse)
Built-in Catalogs
Automatic Star Chart Overlay
Automatic Observatory Shutdown
Automatic Pier Flip
Multi-Star Autoguiding
Differential Autoguiding
Exposure Auto-Script
File Menu
Read/Write AVI Files
Reads DSLR RAW Files
Batch Save/Convert
Load/Save Configurations
View Menu
Annotate Images
Screen Stretch
Information Window
Pan Window
Zoom Window
FITS Header Window
Graphs Window
Log Window
Batch Process Window
Virtual Keypad
Night Vision Mode
Equalize Screen Stretch
Analyze Menu
PinPoint Astrometry
Process Menu
Intelligent Image Calibration
Align Images
Stack Images
Remove Bad Pixels
Add Noise
Remove Bloom
Remove Pedestal
Resize/Double Size/Half Size
Make Pixels Square
Stretch (linear/log/gamma)
Histogram Specification
Pixel Math
Filter Menu
Kernel Filter
FFT Filter
Unsharp Mask Filter
Digital Development
Range-Restricted Filters
Rank Filter
Local Adaptive Filter
Rotational Gradient Filter
Wavelet Filter
Flatten/Remove Gradient
Color Menu
Combine Color (RGB, LRGB)
Color Stack
Split Tricolor
Convert to Mono
Pseudo Color
Convert Color (de-bayer)
Realign Planes
Adjust Saturation
Remove Background Color
Color Smoothing
Color Adjust (graphical)
Quick Color
Narrowband Blending
Extra Tools
Supernova Search Tool

To request your MaxIm DL Pro Demo please submit your full name (first and last) and valid email address. You will be emailed the required demo license and a link from which the demo may be downloaded (35 MB download).

The demo is the full MaxIm DL Pro product.

Please be aware of the differences in product level before choosing your level for purchase.  Lower software levels do not include all features and all equipment control capabilities; however, it may be possible to upgrade at extra cost.

No refunds are available for software products.  See the Compare tab above and here for more detailed information.


  • Note: Use this form to purchase an extension to your upgrades. Software Updates are downloaded by using the Help menu Check For Updates command in MaxIm DL.

    To renew your software support subscription, please enter your current software serial number, and your current contact email below so we can determine what discounts you're eligible for.

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User’s Manual

Installation, and operating instructions for all product tiers of MaxIm DL.


Getting Started Guide

Quick start guide for new users of MaxIm DL.


ASCOM Platform

In order to control most astronmomical equipment you will need to download and install the ASCOM platform. MaxIm DL V6 requires the ASCOM Platform version 6 or greater.


Extras for MaxIm DL

This page collects together a number of extras including scripts, plug-ins, and third party software that works with MaxIm DL


Video Tutorials


Learn how to view and save images in MaxIm DL. Includes important information on CCD image bit depth, and how this affects the screen display and file formats.


Learn how fast and convenient it is to perform image calibration with MaxIm DL.


Learn the basics of autoguiding with MaxIm DL. Includes focusing, calibrating, guiding, and graphical track logs.