StarChaser/Aluma CCD/STC to DB9 Adapter Cables

StarChaser/Aluma CCD/STC to DB9 Adapter Cables

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Large format cameras and older camera models use a DB-9 AUX connector.  Smaller format compact cameras and guiders use the smaller Mini DIN9 connector instead.  In some cases adapter cables will be required.

The following cameras use a Mini DIN 9 connector:

  • StarChaser
  • Aluma CCD
  • STC-7
  • STC-428

The AO-8A does not require an adapter to work with any of these products. The older AO-8 or AO-8T require an 11044 adapter cable to connect to the above cameras.

Use an 11066 adapter cable to connect the above cameras to an AO-X, AFW filter wheel, FW7-STX filter wheel, or older filter wheel model.

(Note that the AO-X can also use the 11044 adapter cable if you connect to the “I2C Out” connector.  The two connectors are simply connected in parallel internally.)


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