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Product Description

Remote Guide Head for the Aluma, STT, STXL and STX Series cameras.


Remote Guide Head for the Aluma, STT, STXL and STX Series Cameras

You can add a second head to your Aluma, STT, STXL or STX camera and guide using a separate guide scope, camera lens or OAG.  The Remote Guide Head (RGH) contains the same KAI-0340 monochrome CCD that is used in the self-guiding filter wheels for the Aluma, STT and STXL series cameras, and duplicates the built-in guider in the STX.  The RGH plugs into the Remote Guide Head Port on the camera body and receives its power and signals from the camera.  The RGH can only be used when connected to the RGH port on an Aluma, STT or STXL camera.  The RGH can control an Adaptive Optics accessory in conjunction with an STX, STXL. STT, or Aluma camera.

The Aluma, STT and STXL Series cameras have two filter wheel versions, a standard filter wheel and a self-guiding filter wheel.  The standard filter wheels are specifically designed to allow enough backfocus when attached to the camera body that Nikon and Canon EOS camera lenses may be used.  However, the extra thickness required by built-in guider of the self-guiding versions of these filter wheels will not allow the use of 35mm camera lenses.  A standard filter wheel cover can easily be swapped for the self-guiding cover when imaging with a camera lens, and in this case, the RGH can be used in place of the built-in guider of the self-guiding filter wheel cover.  Guiding images taken through a camera lens are less demanding than imaging at longer focal lengths, so using a separate guide scope in this configuration is generally fine.   If you are using the STX Series camera with 50mm Square filters, the Remote Guide Head can be used with an OAG to control the AO-X.

The RGH comes with a 6 foot (~2m) HDMI cable.  Accessories include the Remote Head Guiding Kit.



Early models STX cameras used a different connector and different remote guide head than the remote guide head shown on this page.  We no longer make the early version of remote guide head for these older models.  You can determine the compatibility of your camera with the new remote guide head by the type of connector:

The older style remote head connector is shown at left above.                 The newer style HDMI type remote had connector is shown at right above.

Additional Information

A/D Converter

16 bits

Adaptive Optics Option




Sensor Size

4.8 mm x 3.6 mm

Computer Interface


Cooling Delta


Dark Current e/p/s at 0 C

0.5 e-/p/s


0.001-3600 sec

Filter Size


Filter Wheel Option


Full Frame Download

0.13 sec

Full Well Capacity

25,000 e-

Imaging Sensor


Imaging / Pixel Array

648 px x 486 px

OAG Option


OS Compatibility

Windows 32 and 64 bit OS, Mac

Pixel Digitization Rate


Pixel Size

7.4 μm



Read Noise

8.6 e-

Remote Guide Head


Self-Guiding In Front of Filters




Temperature Regulation


Total Pixels

314,928 pixels


2.2 oz