New Option – Lower Cost Aluma U Series

Presenting the new Aluma U series!  Same Aluma performance, new lower price.

These are the same as the regular Aluma cameras, but without WiFi capability – USB only.

Models include Aluma U8300, Aluma U814, Aluma U694, Aluma U3200, Aluma U47-10, and Aluma U77-00.

These cameras cost $500 less than the equivalent models with WiFi support.

For more information please see Aluma Series

Premium 50 mm filters

We’ve been able to get a supply of our made-in-USA Premium 50 mm Round LRGB filters at a special price.  These are our best quality filters and they fit our STXL filter wheels. Get them while supplies last.

SBIG Garage Sale!

That’s right – we have spectacular deals on leftover stock.  We have a variety of optical filters and accessories.

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