OAG-8300 Off-Axis Guider

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Off-axis guide adapter for ST-I guide cameras, for use with STF series cameras.

The innovative OAG-8300 turns any STF-8300 into a self-guiding camera system. The OAG-8300 is designed to work with either the 5-position or 8-position filter wheel, but can also be used without a filter wheel by utilizing a Filter Wheel Spacer.  The OAG-8300 is backward compatible with all ST-8300 models.  What is unique about the OAG-8300 is the 7-element internal optical design. The OAG contains relay optics that move the guide camera to the side of the imaging camera, and at the same time, a 0.7X reducer effectively doubles the field of view of the guider. This design allows for a low profile between the camera and the telescope, reducing backfocus requirements, and at the same time, gives a wide field of view that offers more guide stars for the guide camera.

Note: If you are not planning to use a filter wheel with the OAG-8300, then you must use the Filter Wheel Spacer accessory. The spacer takes the place of the filter wheel and is required for mechanical compatibility with the camera.  If you are using a filter wheel then the spacer is not required.

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