AFW to Small Format Camera Adapter

$199.00 USD

This adapter allows our large format AFW series slim filter wheels to be mounted to our smaller format cameras, such as the Aluma CCD series.

The adapter requires an additional 0.3″ (7.62 mm) of back focus.

Mounting is simple:  Remove any screws from the mounting plate on the STC or Aluma CCD camera, and place the adapter over top, with the circular recess facing up.  Use the four included 4-40 x 5/16″ screws to attach it to the camera.  The attach the AFW wheel to the adapter using its included mounting screws, per the filter wheel user manual.


When using this adapter, AFW filter wheels are compatible with Aluma CCD, STC-7, STC-428, and STF series cameras.  They will also work with STT cameras when operated via USB interface.

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