SBIG AFW Filter Wheels


SBIG AFW Filter Wheels

$1,999.00 USD

SBIG AFW Filter Wheels are ultra-thin wheels for our large format cameras.  With a thickness of only 0.55″ (14 mm), they add minimal back focus to your system.

AFW series wheels are compatible with all SBIG cameras using our “STX” style adapter plates.  This includes our popular Aluma AC Advanced CMOS models as well as our legacy STX and STXL models.

Compatible with All Large-Format SBIG Cameras

Three versions are available:

  • AFW-10-50SQ
    • 10 Filter Slots
    • 50 mm Square Filters
  • AFW-12-50R
    • 12 Filter Slots
    • 50 mm Round Filters
  • AFW-16-36R
    • 16 Filter Slots
    • 36 mm Round Filters

The AFW-10-50SQ is recommended for use with our SBIG Aluma AC4040 cameras, and legacy STX-16803, and STX-16801 cameras.

The AFW-12-50R is recommended for use with our SBIG Aluma AC2020 cameras, and legacy STXL series cameras.

The AFW-16-36R is recommended for use with our ASBIG Aluma AC2020 cameras.

Compatible filters are available at additional cost – please see Optical Filters.

Now Compatible with Compact SBIG Cameras

The AFW-16-36R can now be adapted to the compact STC and Aluma CCD series cameras using the AFW to Small Format Camera Adapter.  This provides a massive 16 slot option for all our compact SBIG cameras.


Two AFW wheels can be stacked to add even more filter slots, using the available Dual AFW Filter Wheel Adapter.  “Virtual Slots” can be assigned, which map to different slots on the two wheels.  If you leave one slot empty in each wheel you get almost double (less two) available filter slots.  If you sometimes need to stack filters then you can have even more virtual slots.

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Product Description

Improved Filter Compatibility

In order to accommodate the most popular filter sizes, convenient spacers are included:

  • 3 mm filters – do not use spacer
  • 2 mm filters – align notches in spacer with mounting screws
  • 1 mm filters – flip over spacer so notches face the filter

Easy Installation

The AFW series filter wheels are designed to be quickly installed onto the camera without removing the carousel or individual filters.  Removing a single access cover provides access to the filter slots and camera mounting screws.

Two mounting screws are “captive” under the carousel, and can be accessed by turning the carousel by hand to align access holes with the screw heads.  The two remaining screws are freely accessible.  This makes installation and removal quick and easy.

Once the wheel is attached to the camera, a single cable is connected to the camera’s AUX port. This single cable provides all necessary power and control functions.

Dual Wheel Support

For those users requiring more filters, AFW series wheels include the ability to control two filter wheels.  Currently this requires an Aluma AC series camera and MaxIm LT or MaxIm DL Pro software.

A special adapter is used to stack two AFW series wheels.  A matching three-port low profile cable is included to connect the two wheels to the camera’s control port.

Our MaxIm LT and MaxIm DL Pro software allows you to configure “virtual” filter slots, that map to specific slots on wheel 1 and wheel 2.  Usually one slot is left blank in each wheel, allowing you to select filters from one wheel or the other.  It is also possible to arrange for two filters to be used per slot, depending on your requirements.

With one blank slot in each wheel, a pair of AFW-10-50SQ wheels allow you to use 18 filters.  Similarly a pair of AFW-12-50R wheels will allow you to use 22 filters, and a pair of AFW-16-36R wheels will allow you to use 30 filters.

StarChaser Autoguider and AO-X Compatibility

AFW series wheels are compatible with StarChaser SC-3, providing self-guiding in front of the filters.  They also work with our popular AO-X Adaptive Optics unit, providing the tightest possible star images.


Additional Information

Computer Interface


OS Compatibility

Windows 32 and 64 bit OS, Mac


4 lbs

Filter Size

36mm Round, 50mm Round, 50mm Square

Product overview

Product overview of AFW series filter wheels.


User’s Manual

Installation, and operation instructions for AWF-10 / AFW-12 Filter Wheels.



Backfocus Calculator Spreadsheet

This Excel spreadsheet helps you calculate backfocus distance for your system. If you do not have Excel it can be uploaded into Google Sheets.