SBIG AO-8A Adaptive Optics

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Adaptive Optics for small format cameras.

AO-8A works with the FW8G-Aluma self-guided filter wheel and StarChaser SC-2 guiders.

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Product Description

AO-8 Adaptive Optics is available with several different mounting plates and cables.  The AO-8 works with the following hardware:

  • STC series with StarChaser SC-2
  • Aluma CCD series with SC-2 or FW8G-Aluma

Note:  When using with StarChaser SC-2 with AO, you will need a StarChaser to AO-X/AO-8T Adapter Cable.

AO Results

The images below are actual star images showing the effect of image wander corrected at 1 Hz and 10 Hz:

ao_mov_1hz1 Hz Corrections

ao_mov_10hz10 Hz Corrections

And the resulting size of the star image in a long exposure:

aox-1hz-corrected1 Hz Corrections

aox-10hz-corrected10 Hz Corrections

Other data gathered by Brad Wallis of JPL (Brad Wallis and Benoit Schillings developed the prototype for the original AO-7) show the the effect of rapid corrections on poor seeing.  At 1 Hz the larger, slower component is reduced, but the amplitude of the jitter remains about the same:


However, at a 5Hz correction rate, the faster jitter is reduced:


And at a 10 Hz correction rate, significant improvement is seen:


The improvement in stellar profiles can also be seen at corrections above 1 Hz.  First by looking at the non-AO guided image:


And comparing the non-AO guided image to the AO guided image there is again significant improvement in the FWHM of the star profile:


Telescope mounts cannot correct faster than about once per second.  The 10Hz rate of the AO will clearly result in improved resolution under the right conditions.

Additional Information

Computer Interface


OS Compatibility

Windows 7, 8, 10 x86/x64. Contact us for Linux support.


User’s Manual

Manual for the AO-8T adaptive optics unit.



Backfocus Table

Backfocus configuration table