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The SBIG FW7-STX is a 7-Position, 50mm square filter wheel.  Supports:

  • Aluma AC4040
  • Aluma AC2020
  • STX Series


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Product Description

The SBIG FW7-STX is a 7-Position, 50mm square filter wheel for STX, Aluma AC4040, and Aluma AC2020 cameras.

Works with the STX Guider or SBIG StarChaser SC-4 Off-Axis Guider Camera for self-guiding with the sensor in front of the filter wheel.

Can also be used with an STL camera, using an ACC10 Adapter.

We recommend 2mm thick,  50mm x 50mm square unmounted filters.

It is possible to install 3mm filters if you do not fully tighten the carousel filter retainer screws.

Thin 1mm filters are not recommended, and will require shims, not available from us.

Please note that this wheel is not compatible with Aluma AC455.

Additional Information

Computer Interface


OS Compatibility

Windows 32 and 64 bit OS, Mac


4.4 lbs

Filter Size

50mm Square

User’s Manual

Installation, and operation instructions for FW5/FW7-STX Filter Wheels.



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