STX/STXL/Aluma AC Adapter Plates

STX/STXL/Aluma AC Adapter Plates

$129.00 USD

Aluma AC, STX, and STXL cameras have a standard mounting bolt pattern (four 6-32 threaded holes on a 4″ diameter). We have a variety of bolt-on adapters available for different telescope interfaces.

The original 10018 adapter plate provides a 3″ OD dovetail plate and a 3.00 x 24 TPI thread.  This provides a very robust connection to the telescope and the largest clear aperture, but may require adapters on the telescope side.

The ACC06 2″ adapter plate provides a standard 2″ eyepiece barrel interface.  This is suitable for smaller sensors, but may vignette large sensors such as those in the Aluma AC4040 or STX-16803.

The ACC09 3″ adapter plate provides a 3″ eyepiece barrel interface.  This is directly compatible with many third party large format focusers.

Please note that a high quality focuser should be used to ensure that the weight of the camera and accessories is well supported. We recommend using at least three grub screws to ensure the camera is stably mounted.

Backfocus Data

All plates are 0.200″ thick.

When using the “STX” style 3.5″ OD / 3 x 24 TPI thread adapter backfocus is 0.200″ (5.08 mm) when using the dovetail connection.  When using the threaded interface the total backfocus distance added is 0.670″ (17.02 mm).


Drawing for 10018 STX Style mounting plate.