• 50045-600x600
  • Threaded 1.25″ Cell for 1″ Unmounted Filters

    SKU: 50045


    Filter cell for unmounted 1″ glass filters.

Product Description

This is a 1.25″ screw-in filter cell for unmounted 1″ glass filters. The cell includes a retaining ring for holding the filter in place.

The part is approximately 1.25″ (31 mm) in diameter and 0.38″ (9.8 mm) tall, including threads.

Use this cell with Part Number #10105 Filter Insert 36mm to 1.25″ to install unmounted 1″ filters into wheels designed for 36 mm filters, including FW8S-Aluma, FW8G-Aluma, and FW8-8300.