SBIG USB to Filter Wheel Adapter

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Most SBIG filter wheels require a direct connection to an SBIG camera to be operated. Some specialized imaging configurations either require additional filter wheels, or a direct SBIG camera connection is not possible.   In this case, the SBIG USB to Filter Wheel Adapter (USB-FW) can be used to control the wheel.

Note:  The USB-FW does not include mechanical adapters.  If the wheel is not directly coupled to an SBIG camera then custom mechanical adapters may be required.


  • USB Mini B interface, 15 foot (4.5 m) USB A to Mini B cable included
  • DB-9 style I2C connector for filter wheel – connects to original filter wheel cable
  • Universal AC power supply with 9 foot (2.7 m) extension cable and locking power connector included
  • Uses ASCOM driver for control from most astronomical imaging software or via custom scripts
  • Works with SBIG AFW series filter wheels, FW8S-STXL, FW8S-STT, FW8-8300, and FW7-STX.
  • Supports dual wheel operation for the SBIG AFW series wheels

Note:  Older SBIG wheels with a DB-9 style I2C connector may also be compatible, but have not been tested with the USB-FW adapter and correct operation is not guaranteed.


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