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We did it, with your help.

You’ve wanted an affordable imaging package with everything. Not a bargain “hobby camera,” but a best-bang-for-the-buck CMOS camera with SBIG quality built-in, integrated filters, and StackPro™ technology.

Introducing the new SBIG STC-7: our flagship scientific CMOS camera for seasoned and newcomer Astro-photographers.

About freaking time.

Diffraction Limited spent over three years testing CMOS active pixel sensor technology, and we have a winner. The new SBIG STC-7 is a worthy successor to the most popular CCD camera to ever bear the SBIG name. Oh yeah: the STC-7 is more sensitive with faster readout and lower read noise than our ST/STF 8300 series cameras.

We decided to call it the “SBIG STC-7”, like the popular ST series with C for CMOS APS, and -7 for 7 megapixels and 7 filters.

STC-7For the fun of science

This is a science-grade camera, featuring a 7.1-megapixel CMOS APS sensor from Sony, with 4.5µm square pixels that are well matched to mid-sized refractors and small SCTs.

Unlike the competition, the SBIG STC-7 uses a third-generation low-light Sony Pregius™ global shutter sensor, ideal for long-exposure still image astrophotography. And it gets better. Our SBIG StackPro™ technology will do in-camera stacking to minimize noise and save you disk space, with fewer rejected images and better overall dynamic range. And you have the freedom to turn it off or on as you command.

It’s not just a camera. It’s the first camera since the STL-series with a filter wheel built into the distinctively-shaped body. The wings on top of the STC-7 enclose a fast filter wheel with our seven most popular 1” (25.4mm) filters, manufactured to our precise specifications, and independently verified by an outside testing laboratory. No need to buy a filter wheel and filters at considerable extra cost. The included LRGB colour filters and SII, Hα, and OIII narrowband filters let you image deep-sky objects on your first night under the stars.

Perfectionists, we heard you

We’ve learned a thing or two over the last 27 years, by talking to customers every day, and providing best-in-class technical support, before and after the sale.

This camera has the shortest back focus in our lineup. So, you can add our SBIG StarChaser SC-2 off-axis guiding camera to keep your mount on track. Plus, you can connect our AO-8A tip/tilt Adaptive Optics unit to the SC-2 for tight, sharp stars, compensating for slow seeing and mount imperfections.

Is CMOS finally good enough for astronomy? We think so. And it is getting better every year.

The STC-7 is a global-shutter camera, meaning target motion isn’t weirdly blurred. We even incorporated an 8thposition dark shutter in the filter wheel. So, no more covering the telescope—like you do with just about every other CMOS camera out there. That would be stupid.

If you’re concerned about filters, upgrade to our SBIG STC-428-P, with a larger filter wheel to accommodate your own 36mm unmounted filters or 1.25” threaded filters.

Still not convinced? Then our SBIG Aluma 694 is a true 16-bit Sony CCD with outstanding performance.  It’s the one university researchers rely on as the go-to camera for “small” instruments.

Software included

We also include MaxIm LT, a version of our industry-leading MaxIm DL Pro dedicated to Diffraction Limited’s line of SBIG cameras. It can control an SBIG camera, guider, and adaptive optics, and do basic image processing. And yes, it’s upgradable to the full edition of MaxIm DL Pro when you need it.

Our DL Imaging drivers also include ASCOM support—so you can use it with most ASCOM-compatible software.

No power, no problem

Our optional CA-ALUMABATTERY cable lets you run off a 12V battery in the field. The convenient lighter plug and alligator clamps allow you to connect it to any 13.8V or lower voltage source.

The included AC power adapter provides +12V with a universal power supply; just pick the AC cord to match your local country requirements.

The kit also includes a 2” nosepiece and the front of the camera has a M42x0.75 T-thread and four-hole bolt pattern, so you can connect it to just about anything.

We also include one of our legendary hard cases—no cardboard here. Whether you’re headed to Chile or your backyard, the camera will get there just fine.

Where can I get one?

Order the STC-7 today, direct from us or your local Diffraction Limited dealer.

We guarantee you will be happy, or we’ll keep trying. Standard two-year warranty on the camera and accessories, and one year on the sensor.

The new SBIG STC-7.  You’ll be in seventh heaven.