SBIG STC-428-OEM Scientific CMOS Imaging Camera Evaluation Package.

The STC-428 is designed to be used as a component in instruments for medical imaging, laboratory instruments, low-light industrial inspection, and other applications.  The basic camera platform can be modified to meet your mechanical requirements including mounting, packaging, accessories, and more.  Options such as a mechanical shutter or filter wheel can be added.  Software API support is provided for a variety of operating systems including embedded Linux applications.

The evaluation kit includes all the accessories and software you need to get your evaluation up-and-running quickly.  Engineering support is provided to help you with your integration process.

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SKU: STC-428

Product Description

SBIG® STC-428-OEM Evaluation Package

Problem:  We need to integrate a compact, low cost, yet high performance imaging camera for our demanding low-light-level application

Solution:  STC-428-OEM provides extremely high sensitivity, low noise 7 megapixel imaging in a compact, easily integrated package with complete engineering support

The STC-428-OEM is our most popular scientific CMOS camera for OEM applications such as ELISA microplate readers, colorimetry, fluorescence, and other low-light level imaging applications.  The STC-428-OEM features:

  • High sensitivity, low noise 7 megapixel IMX428 imaging sensor
  • Two-stage thermoelectric cooling for minimal noise on long exposures
  • SmartCooling™ active temperature regulation to 0.1 degrees C for high calibration stability
  • High-speed USB 3.0 interface (USB 2.0 compatible)
  • Application engineering support
  • Mechanical design customization for your application
  • Multiplatform software API and sample code available
  • Windows-based evaluation software available

For years mature CCD sensor technology, embodied in our venerable STF-83oo-OEM camera, set the standard for high sensitivity, low noise, high dynamic range, and images free of pattern noise.

The new STC-428-OEM scientific CMOS camera represents a major improvement over CCD technology.  Compared with previous CCD models, the STC-428-OEM features higher sensitivity (78% QE versus 56%), significantly lower read noise (2.5 e- versus 9.3 e-), and 20X faster readout.

While a single exposure on the IMX428 sensor can equal CCD dynamic range, the combination of fast readout and very low read noise allows for stacking many shorter to produce greater dynamic range than previously possible.  The built-in StackPro™ capability can automatically divide your exposure into up to 16 shorter sub-exposures, and stack them inside the camera prior to download.  This increases dynamic range without imposing greater processing requirements on the host computer.

Our SmartCooling™ active regulation maintains the sensor temperature to within 0.1ºC, and minimizes fan speed based on heat sink temperature for longer life and quieter operation.

Sensor Specifications:

  • SONY IMX428 CMOS imaging sensor
  • 3208 x 2200 pixels / 7.1 megapixel
  • 4.5 micron pixels
  • 17.6 mm diagonal
  • Peak QE 78%
  • Typical QE:
    • Red (635-700 nm) ~ 63%
    • Green (520-560 nm) ~ 78%
    • Blue (450-490 nm) ~ 75%
  • 12-bit A/D conversion with low-gain and high-gain modes
  • Very low read noise ~ 2.5e-
  • Very low dark current < 0.1 e-/pixel/sec @ 0C
  • 80 dB dynamic range

The STC-428-OEM supports several optional gain modes:

  • Low Gain
    • 16-bit data
    • Gain 5.5 e-/ADU
    • Full Well ~ 55,000 e-
    • Read Noise ~5 e-
  • Medium Gain
    • 16-bit data
    • Gain 2.45 e-/ADU
    • Full Well ~ 10,000 e-
    • Read Noise ~ 2.3 e-
  • High Gain
    • 16-bit data
    • Gain 1. e-/ADU
    • Full Well ~ 5,000 e-
    • Read Noise ~ 1.9 e-


The STC-428-OEM scientific CMOS camera features StackPro™, a revolutionary feature that performs image stacking inside the camera.

While the IMX428 sensor has dynamic range on a par with its CCD predecessor, it is limited to 12 bit data (0-4095).  At the same time it also has far lower read noise, which means you can stack many more shorter exposures without degrading signal-to-noise ratio.  As great as this sounds it does result in a lot of extra disk usage and post-processing.

StackPro™ performs the stacking automatically, inside the camera.  It automatically subdivides your exposure into up to 16 individual sub-exposures, and stacks them inside the camera prior to download.  This eliminates the excessive amounts of data cluttering up your hard drive.

As an example, by stacking 16 sub-exposures inside the camera you can get:

  • Low Gain 16X Stacking
    • Gain 5.5 e-/ADU
    • Effective Full Well ~ 880,000 e-
    • Read Noise ~20 e-
  • Medium Gain 16X Stacking
    • Gain 2.45 e-/ADU
    • Effective Full Well ~ 160,000 e-
    • Read Noise ~ 9.2 e-
  • High Gain 16X Stacking
    • Gain 1. e-/ADU
    • Effective Full Well ~ 80,000 e-
    • Read Noise ~ 7.6 e-

For comparison, our STF-8300M CCD camera sports typical read noise of 9.3 e-, with a full well depth of 25,000 e-.  In the medium gain 16X stack mode, the STC-428-OEM has similar read noise and yet has over six times the dynamic range!

Engineering Support

Our engineers and programmers are available to assist you in evaluating the camera and integrating it into your equipment.

Our powerful Windows-based evaluation software helps you quickly assess the camera’s potential for your application.  Our multiplatform API allows you to quickly integrate the camera into your application, whether running on desktop systems or embedded hardware.  Sample code is available.  Our programmers are available to assist you with integration into your application.

Customization is available.  We can customize mechanical mounting, redesign or even remove the outer shell, or add options to meet your requirements.  We can also build full custom hardware if required.

Standard Options Available

In addition to full custom modifications, we have standard options available including:

  • Internal mechanical shutter for dark frame calibration
  • Integrated 8 position filter wheel (similar to our STC-7 integrated filter wheel)
  • Lens adapters

These can be added to your STC-428-EVAL kit upon request.  These are extra cost options – please contact us for quotation.

Volume Discounts Available

STC-428-OEM is available with volume pricing designed to meet your cost objectives.  Ask us for a quotation.


Our products are compliant with CE, FCC, and IC requirements. RoHS, REACH, and conflict mineral compliance documentation is available.

Diffraction Limited has been certified by British Standards Institution (BSI) to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management under certificate number FM 719560.

STC-428-OEM Camera Evaluation Package Includes

  • SBIG STC-428 monochrome imaging camera
  • Evaluation / integration engineering support
  • T-Thread lens mount
  • 4-40 front panel screw mounts
  • 1/4-20 tripod mount
  • Universal power supply
  • USB 3.0 cable
  • MaxIm LT evaluation software
  • USB stick for software and manuals
  • Carrying case

Additional Information

A/D Converter

12-bit with High Gain / Low Gain modes

Sensor Size

14.4 mm X 9.9 mm

Computer Interface

USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 compatible)

Cooling Delta

30 °C

Dark Current e/p/s at 0 C

< 1 e-/p/s @ 0C


0.001 – 3600 seconds

Full Frame Download

50 ms

Imaging Sensor


Imaging / Pixel Array

3208 x 2200 pixels

Peak QE

78% typical

Pixel Size

4.5 x 4.5 micron


12VDC, 4A max

Read Noise

2.5 e- typical

Temperature Regulation


Total Pixels

7.1 megapixel




2 lbs

Binning Modes

1×1, 2×2

OS Compatibility

Windows 7, 8, 10 x86/x64, MacOS 10.14 “Mojave” x86 binaries, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS x64, Raspbian Buster armhf, Ubuntu MATE arm64


Operating manual

Installation, and operating instructions for STC-428-OEM cameras.


Backfocus Calculator Spreadsheet

This Excel spreadsheet helps you calculate backfocus distance for your system. If you do not have Excel it can be uploaded into Google Sheets.


DL Imaging Drivers

The Diffraction Limited DL Imaging Drivers support a wide range of our cameras.

Download (Win) Download (OSX)

MaxIm LT

MaxIm LT is available to operate USB based SBIG cameras.

Download (Win) Download (OSX)

Software Development Kit

Software development kit for the Windows platform.

Download (Win)